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Why teens should start kitesurfing?

Children if only I learnt kiteboarding earlier… So here is to all the teenagers that are wondering what it would be like or all of the non-kitesurfing parents who are thinking about which sport to choose for their children.
We all know we experimented a lot as teenagers, test boundaries, and see how far we can go. Kitesurfing is the perfect sport to do all of that without any negative consequences. You clearly feel your boundaries and sometimes fear, you have to go through them and deal with them. You grow every session, get positive feedback and are simply happy because all of the positive vibes around you. You might not become the first Olympic kiteboarder but you will very soon feel that kitesurfing is addictive, but – good for you – you choose the best addiction one could choose: one that will make you happy, fit and fulfilled. So come and do not hesitate to be part of this amazing kite world by taking your first lesson!

Why 2024 Olympic Games?

The World Sailing (WS) Council approved the introduction of kiteboarding in the Paris 2024 Olympic sailing program.

Who knows, maybe your kid will become the first Kiteboarder Olympic Champion!

The sport of kiteboarding should make its Olympic debut in 2024, when the Summer Olympics hit Paris, the capital of France.
The World Sailing Council approved submission M22-18 that includes a mixed kiteboarding team event.
According to IKA, the format should see national teams of men and women collecting points from races or a relay-style race in which male and female riders’
alternate laps.
World Sailing’s Equipment Committee suggested that Olympic kiteboarding should adopt the Formula Kite production model, with four foil kites and one hydrofoil within a four-year registration cycle, in sync with the Olympic Games. The goal is to have equipment capable of covering wind ranges ranging from 6 to 40 knots.
The Olympic kiteboarding races will take place at Marina de Marseille.

Kitesurf Lesson duration:

Teaching time (from 10 to 14 years old): 1 Hr