Independent Hydrofoil Course


Price: 8,000 ฿

Who’s it for?

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to soar above the water’s surface in complete silence? Learning to ride a kitefoil board will unlock this unbelievable sensation and bring you to another dimension!

Course outline

An independent kiteboarder should be able to foil after 3 lessons if the following steps are followed:

  • 1st day lesson (1 ½ hours): Taxi stage: Start with a surfer board or small mast
    (15”) based on student level and confidence. Learn to ride flat on water
    without talking off
  • 2nd day lesson (1 ½ hours): Touch and Go stage: short mast and increase in
    size (24”) as skills of the student progress.
  • 3rd day lesson (1 hour): Solo stage: long mast (30”), learn to consistently ride
    on the foil

Flexibility to propose to customer to perform the course in 2 days (2x 2hours)

Hydrofoil Lessons in Pattaya

Kitesurf Lesson duration:

Teaching time (1 on 1 instruction): 4 Hrs
Usually set over 3 days, flexibility to provide customer the course in 2 days (2x 2 Hrs)